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4 Benefits of Automated Marketing Platforms

Traditionally, marketers relied on tried and tested methods such as print advertising and trade shows to reach out to consumers. However, consumers are increasingly using the Internet to shop, consume news, communicate, and socialize. In light of this shift, marketers must target consumers who use the web. This is where marketing automation comes in handy. In simple terms, marketing automation gives businesses the opportunity to streamline, automate, and measure online marketing tasks with the aim of increasing profits and efficiency. Here are some advantages of automating marketing efforts.


Synchronizing Marketing and Sales

Sales in any business largely depend on its marketing efforts. A marketing campaign that resonates with consumers translates to increased sales and vice versa. In addition, a marketing campaign may not produce results immediately. A study carried out by Gleanster found that up to 50% of prospective leads are not ready to make purchases immediately. A marketing automation platform makes it easy for marketing and sales departments to better target consumers. This includes analyzing web user metrics to identify high value customers.


Lead Management

Lead management involves more than sending a few emails and then waiting for responses. A platform for marketing automation allows one to profile different prospects based on their web browsing behavior. A marketer can even synchronize such information with a CRM system to ensure a salesperson has the information required to target such a consumer. Additionally, such a platform also comes with lead scoring and lead nurturing. Lead scoring makes it easy for a marketer to segment prospects based on behavioral and demographic criteria. On the other hand, lead nurturing allows a marketer to keep a prospect engaged via email communication or even web chats. The same study carried out by Gleanster found that 40% of prospects require lead nurturing for up to 18 months before making a purchase.


Reduced Costs

Traditional marketing campaigns are not cost effective because it is not easy to determine immediately whether a message resonates with consumers or not. This leads to waste of financial resources that a business could use elsewhere. An automated marketing platform does not have the same inefficiencies since one can track engagement metrics precisely. As a result, one can change marketing efforts to suit changes in consumer preferences or purchasing power.


Increased Productivity

With the right information at their fingertips, marketing and sales teams are likely to be more productive. This is in sharp contrast to traditional marketing campaigns that require tedious data collection and analysis to generate actionable insights. Figures published by dknewmedia show that 76% of high quality leads contacted within three minutes qualify into successful sales leads. In comparison, only 10% of high quality leads contacted within six hours translate into successful leads. These statistics show the importance of reaching out to prospects immediately.


All said, whether you run a small or a well-established business, it is important to follow up and keep track of your consumers. You can easily accomplish this goal by leveraging the power of a marketing automation platform. Some of the benefits you will enjoy include reduced costs and better lead management.


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