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How To Use Social Media For Online Customer Support

As a business owner, you know that you have to provide your customers with good online customer support. However, these days, you shouldn’t be limiting yourself to just providing customer support on your website as today customers are demanding immediate, convenient assistance that’s available when they need it. While that call center or online chat application you’re using is probably working to give your customers a way to get in touch with you, adding social media into the mix can take your customer support to an entirely new level. Here is how you can use social media to enhance your online customer support.
Use Social Media for Customer Complaints
You should let your fans and followers on the social platforms you use know that they can get in touch with you on social media when they have complaints to report. Once a complaint comes in, don’t ignore it as you want all your followers to see that you care and are addressing the issues and problems that are being posted. Once when your customers realize that they don’t have to call you on the phone to ask you a question or to file a complaint, you’re business will be viewed as one that actually cares about solving the problems your customers are having.
Build Loyalty with Membership Cards
Everyone knows that a happy customer is a satisfied customer. If you were to announce on social media that you are planning on providing each of your loyal customers with a membership card, you would be rewarding these valued customers of yours with special offers or discounts while turning them into brand advocates. Today, people are sharing good news about brands across the various social media channels. A great offer can go viral in just a matter of days wherein you could pick up a lot of new fans, followers and customers. This means that it’s very likely that a person you give a membership card to will tell his or her friends on social media about it. Announce your plans to offer membership cards on every social media platform you use and encourage your fans and followers to share the news with their social connections.
Use Empathy While Defending your Brand
It’s very important that the customer support you provide strikes the right tone. While it may seem difficult to come across as empathetic on Twitter when you’re only allowed 140 characters, it’s essential that you do so. Be truthful when someone has something negative to say about your business but always come up with a positive thing to mention about your brand when solving an issue. Engagement is what it’s all about on social media although you don’t need to engage with trolls who are just there to pick a fight, get free stuff or just some attention.
It can really pay off to provide customer support on the social media channels your business uses. In addition to responding to complaints on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you also could inform your customers about news that affects them such as a change in operating hours or a new, convenient office location you’ve just opened.


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