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Utility Bill Check Up

download (16)Are you the responsible person for remitting your company’s utility bills? Ever wonder why there are so many expenses, charges, and taxes? Have you tried to get a description from your utility company? If you haven’t been effective in knowing your expenses, then it’s time to get a utility bill check-up.

Your job is to back up your company’s objective – it is not to be a professional in examining your utility expenses. I lately contacted the manager of a non profit organisation to ask if his company was enthusiastic about a utility bill evaluation and his reaction was “You are right third party utility bills are an important part of any utility management system. We have had 2 such audits over the last 18 weeks and a new one is currently ongoing.” Some companies have employees to monitor their utility and telecommunications utilization on a worksheet. By doing this they may be able to recognize some apparent mistakes. However, a qualified auditor will be able to dig further and recognize many more mistakes. Having an evaluation of your company’s utility and telecommunications expenses is likely to outcome in the restoration of cash that you’ve been over spending. Over 70% of those companies that are audited find that they are due a return. An evaluation can recognize cash that has been overpaid for years. Each condition has a different time limit for restoration, but 3 years is the lowest period for evaluation, while in a few declares auditors can evaluate 4 years value of expenses. A 3rd party utility bill evaluation will assess more than four dozen of aspects that can impact your expenses. A qualified auditor will evaluate the expenses and an exclusive software will be used in the evaluation.


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