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Tips on Making a Temporary Office Space Your Own

When you are sent to work to a temporary office space, you can feel a bit awkward at first since you are not familiar with your surroundings. Even small things such as adding a personal photo can make the place more endearing, boost your morale and even productivity. With that in mind, here are a few helpful hints which you can use in order to take any blank, impersonal office space and make it your own.

1. Family photos
As said above, personal photos are usually the standard approach when it comes to personalizing a new office space and there is good reason for this. It is fast and easy and most companies are ok with this as long as you stay limited to one or two pictures. Just find a couple of the best photos that you have with those who are closest to you – spouse, children, pet – and place them on your desk where you can view them every time you need a boost of motivation.


2. Improved lighting
How an office space is lighted will affect its appearance immensely. However, most of the times you cannot make drastic changes since the space is temporary, but you can still add your own personal preferences such as halogen lamps for your desk.


3. Plants
Most companies are ok with you bringing a plant from home to give your office space a breath of life. However, there are certain guidelines you should probably adhere to: make sure that the plant is not too big and that it does not take up too much room, make sure that the plant can thrive in low lighting conditions and keep it in a container which will not drip water.


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