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Three Ways to Organize your Home Office Space

If you’ve ever looked around your home office and wondered how it got so junky, it might be time for you to take a look at what the Container Store has to offer through Groupon.  There’s a tendency to put off organizing and straightening up when one uses a home office that would not be tolerated in a cubicle in an office setting.  No way would your child’s bunny ear slippers be sitting on your desk or would laundry be drying on the back of your desk chair.  One of the perks of working from home is morphing tasks.  One of the big drawbacks of working from home is – you guessed it – morphing tasks.

Just what does morphing tasks mean?  Well, morphing means to gradually undergo a transformation.  Task is a piece of work expected of a person.  The problems come when the task that should be kept outside the office finds its way in.  Making coffee is a universal way to start out the business day.  But when that task morphs into piles of dirty mugs and plates left on your credenza from yesterday’s first cup, you’ve got a problem.  Especially if they’re sitting next to files that are carelessly strewn about that were supposed to be filed neatly away.

How do you separate the two?  Three things will help achieve this and that is to organize, label and restrict.

  1. Organize – Many times clutter is an indication that more storage space is needed for growing files, correspondence, projects, office supplies and more. The Container Store is a great source of storage solutions that are easy and convenient to buy when you use Groupon to make your purchase.  You’ll find lots of deals that can save you as much as 40% off selected merchandise and get free shipping.
  2. Label – There are many methods you can use to achieve this. From label making machines to the wide variety of mailing labels available at the local office supply store.  When you label a container you’re likely to use it for the purpose intended.  You soon get use to the ease of finding everything where it is supposed to be.  Once you get into that habit, things will look nicer in your environment and work will flow more smoothly.

Restrict – It’s important to set boundaries when working at home.  Your office should reflect the professional attitude you apply to dealing with clients and projects.  All personal items should be kept out and out of sight.  Once you cross the threshold of your office, think of it as crossing the street in front of your office building.  Then get inside and get to work.


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