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Say it With Packaging

PackagingWhether an item is precious and expensive, much loved or simply needs to retain its professional look, it is extremely important to choose the right packaging to store, transport or post it.

If your customers are entrusting the packaging of their goods, property or possessions to you, then you don’t want to take any chances. If you are a business which supplies products that need packaging then this could be one of the most important aspect of your marketing. It needs not only to look right but must also be guaranteed to arrive in the condition intended.

Brand Impact
When you are busy fulfilling orders and building a business, your focus will naturally be on sales and business growth and your considerations about packaging might be last minute or make do at best. However, the impact of getting it wrong could be much more harmful than you might think. At best, poor and badly thought-through packaging can fail to communicate anything about your business or your product other than a hastily completed transaction. At worst, poor packaging can result in damaged goods, loss of quality and an overall feeling of poor customer service and a bad customer experience.

Quality Throughout
Given the right planning you can avoid the final fulfilment of an order letting down the whole image of your company. And at the same time if you choose your supplier wisely you can do your bit for the environment too. Whether you are looking for shelf-ready packaging for quick replenishment of store displays of your product, or you need flat packed cases to easily assemble for packaging, transporting or storing you will find solutions to meet your needs.

Size and Shape Matters
When you know you need reliable strength and resilience against damage corrugated packaging is ideal. Knowing that your product will reach its final destination in the pristine condition required is part of your brand protection. Next you need to be sure that the brand message conveyed on the packaging is also top quality. High quality packaging can be printed with your design requirements and the sizes and shapes of cases can be made to measure with any nature of die-cut applied. So with your specifications, you can order any nature of packaging to ensure it is fit for purpose and maximises your brand impact.

Go Green, Stay Green
By choosing corrugated products for your packaging requirements you are selecting the most highly recyclable packaging available. In the UK alone an estimated 84% of corrugated products are recycled.
This is great news for business since according to UK legislation under the Producer Responsibility Regulations, they have responsibilities for recycling packaging products that they use. So corrugated packaging certainly looks like a sensible option. As well as being easy to recycle, which means it doesn’t end up as landfill, corrugated products are themselves made from approximately 75% recycled materials making them the ideal solution for the green conscious business.
So whether you are simply communicating your brand messages or want to make a statement about your commitment to the environment, remember to say it with your packaging!


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