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Boosting Work Productivity With Interior Decor

In life, there are two types of people, the productive ones and the ones who at wonder where the day went to because they haven’t done much? While many factors affect productivity, you will easily note that anyone who works from a well-thought-out and clutter-free office works better than a person working from a poorly designed office full of clutter. Unfortunately, most of us fall into the second category. So, how do you switch up your productivity? How do you ensure that you aren’t sweating/ suffocating with fear when you fill in the evaluation form this year? Simple – change up the office design and decor. Here is how:

  • Let in more natural light

Artificial lighting lowers your productivity in comparison with natural light. First of all, natural light from the sun is healthy and helps strengthen your bones. Just like the sun, natural light makes you happier. It also brightens rooms better than artificial lights.

And, that isn’t all. Poor lighting causes fatigue, increases irritability, eye strain, and headaches. Spending time in dark spaces increases your susceptibility to depression.

With all these side effects under consideration, you should consider getting the best light into your office. Let in as much natural light as possible and use specialty lamps.

  • Color palettes

You’ve probably heard of or read about color psychology. To simplify thus long topic, know that colors affect your mood, thinking, and even the perception of others. But, you shouldn’t just choose any color you love, put the demands of your job first. Knowledge/ creative work needs a different color from active and engaging colors.

To stimulate your mind, go for bluish colors. Hues of the color green induce a sense of relaxation, and yellow hues help improve your creativity.

  • Incorporate life

Your creativity will increase if your break from the computer screen involves looking at a living plant or fish in a fish tank. The living things improve your performance by allowing you to concentrate on a task better. You will also become calm, focus well, and work stress-free.

  • Declutter

For you concentrate on your work, you should have few distractions.  If your eyes dart away from the screen even for a second, you know that you won’t deliver your work in time because it takes time to get back to where you were. So, to keep your thought train focused on the task ahead, cut back on room decor, get rid of all clutter, and avoid accent furniture.

  • Scents

Who said you only need scents in the bathroom? Scents don’t just leave the room smelling heavenly, but also invigorate you. The reason why you are unable to stay motivated all day is that you are neglecting some of your senses. To stay active all day long, have some sweet scent wafting through the room. Try essential oil diffusers for better concentration and relaxation.

Finally, you also want to keep some motivational message within your eye’s view. You can have a vision board too.


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